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The farmstaal at Green Finger Farming has opened it’s doors and our friendly staff is ready to help you.

Our current Specials at the nursery include:

Phaleanopsis K133 to K200,
Staghorns from K220 to K500
Cordylines from K170 to K297
Azalia bush from K123 to K160
Azalia Standard K224.00
Revoluta 32cm stem K1100.00
Revoluta 25cm stem K500.00
Lebomboensis medium K300.00 and large from K1100.00
Zamia K 250.00 large
Swans Gold K175 to K450.00
Wilma Spirals K380.00
Wilma Standard Ball K400.00
Candle Flower K15.00– 1.5m tall
Odontonema K15.00 1.5m tall
Cestrum K15.00 1.5m tall
Portucaria K30.00